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SSL Authority News More Than 11 million HTTPS Websites Imperiled by New Decryption Attack

By: ARS Technica - Posted: 03.01.16

A new vulnerability is in the horizon affecting more than 11 million websites and email services secured with the transport layer security protocol. This low-cost attack can decrypt sensitive data at exponential speeds with some cases data is decrypted immediately. Over 81,000 of the top 1 million most popular Web properties are among the vulnerable HTTPS-protected sites.

Guide to Moving On Up with SSL

By: Website Magazine - Posted: 02.18.16

With the Internet advancing every day, the need for HTTPS is increasing. The use of HTTPS not only promotes the security of your site, it helps to improve and increase security for consumers while surfing the web. The presence of a secure connection is also highly favored by Google for it is a ranking signal. Read on to learn why you should choose HTTPS over HTTP.

Hospital Pays $17,000 Ransom to Reclaim Its Files

By: Gizmodo - Posted: 02.17.16

Ransomware, a type of malware, threatens its victim with a harmful consequence if the victim does not comply with the attacker’s request. The Ransomware is able to bed transferred via emails or online links. Once the malware is downloaded onto a computer network, it runs through the network encrypting all files. A Bitcoin ransom is then offered to the victim in exchange for the encryption key.

Gmail Now Warns You if our Emails are Not TLS Encrypted

By: Beta News - Posted: 02.12.16

Opening emails received by an unknown source is extremely risky. Skilled hackers make a hobby out of sending malicious content such as the Trojan Virus via emails that can attack your software with just a simple click. Google, a pioneer in internet security, updated all GMail accounts to reflect when an email is received or is about to be sent through a service that doesn’t support TLS encryption. This security feature makes it easier to tell if an email address has been authenticated and is safe from malicious activity; keeping you safe from becoming a cyber attackers latest victim.

Closed for Business - the Impact of Denial of Service Attacks in the IoT

By: GlobalSign - Posted: 02.02.16

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack occurs when a service that would usually work becomes unavailable. Although there can be various reasons for this "unavailability", it generally occurs due to an infrastructure that cannot cope due to capacity overload. The impact from an attack of this nature can be extremely harmful to an organization. Learn the risks and how to protect your business.

Encryption Has Its Place But It Isn’t Foolproof

By: Dark Reading - Posted: 02.02.16

Although encryption is an excellent tool used to transmit sensitive data safely on the web, professional hackers can still take advantage of its flaws. Encryption alone is not enough to ward off the most intelligent cyber hackers. Discover how to keep you system safe, sound, and seucure against potential threats.

What is Client Authentication and Why Do I Need It?

By: GlobalSign - Posted: 02.01.16

With most business transactions conducted via email, it is important to ensure your employee's email accounts are secure. Client Authentication, which is used to help facilitate a safe email exchange, is the process in which a user has the ability to securely access a server or remote computer by exchanging a Digital Certificate. Just as organizations need to control which individuals have access to corporate resources, they also need to be able to identify and control which machines and servers have access.

Companies look beyond firewalls in cyber battle with hackers

By: Reuters - Posted: 01.26.16

Since firewalls are no longer seen as a strong enough defense against security breaches, companies are looking at new tools to foil hackers trying to enter a computer network. U.S. and Israeli startups companies are leading the way with new approaches such as "honeytraps". These "honeytraps" lure a hacker to fake data or "polymorphic" technology which constantly changes the structure of applications running on a computer. A product named TrapX Security offers DeceptionGrid. This technology uses fake information to trigger a security alert.

What’s Your Level of Risk?

By: Symantec - Posted: 01.25.16

As your organization grows, so does your potential risk of being hacked. Learn what your level of risk is to better protect your organization.

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The Anatomy of a DDoS Attack

By: Information Security Buzz - Posted: 01.25.16

A typical force DDoS attack comes from a botnet, or a huge network of malware-infected devices, that attackers use to lock up your website. DDoS is a series of attacks which affect corporations, e-commerce sites, and online assets. On average, it costs $408,292 to mitigate a DDoS attack. Learn how to protect your system from a DDoS attack.

The Apple Threat Landscape

By: Symantec - Posted: 01.20.16

Compared to other platforms, Apple is known to maintain a stronger degree of control over the software that users are enabled to install. With Apple’s operating systems (iOS and Mac OS X) converging, there is an increased probability that attacks targeting one Apple OS could affect the other. Learn about the changing Apple landscape and how to stay ahead of cyber criminals.

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Retail Hackers

By: Trustwave - Posted: 01.20.16

With retail stores being the highest percentage to suffer cyber attacks compared to other businesses, it is important to stay one step ahead of these hackers to foil their plan. The best weapon of defense to keep hackers away is to seek vulnerabilities the same way a skilled cyber attacker would. This enables your team to develop a strong, unified security strategy within your server that is prepared for attack from every angle.

Cyber Crime is Spiking — Know What to Watch Out For

By: GeoTrust - Posted: 11.16.15

With increased access to the internet globally, the risk of a potential cyber attack is greater than it was 10 years ago. Hackers are using sneaky tactics such as malvertising to steal vital information. Discover how criminals are utilizing new tricks to hack your system.

Spear-Phishing Scammers Sharpen Their Attacks with Clever New Tactics

By: GeoTrust - Posted: 10.16.15

Spear-Phishing is a type phishing attack where the victims have been specifically targeted and studied for some time. Phishing attacks generally pertain to hackers wanting to seek involuntary information such as passwords or credit card numbers by tricking the victim via a form of electronic communication. This type of cyber hacking is most commonly carried out via email. It is important to stay vigilant while checking emails and be aware of the origin of the email you decide to open or respond to.

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